Quick, Efficient Powerful Workout

You don’t need to exercise for 3 to 5 hours per day. Splitting your exercise will be more impactful than long hours workout. For example, you can work out 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Your body produces the stress hormone, after 45 minutes of exercise, so it’s better to make it short and efficient. Let’s be honest everyone like their quickie session, don’t we?

Exercise is one of the routines that you could take to improve your health. Physical activity does not only have a purpose to maintain your body weight but also to maintains your muscle mass and reduces any risk of chronic diseases. It also gives great benefits to improving your mood and boosting your mental health. In short, there’s no more excuse for you to skip your daily exercise because it can help you become a Happy Super Human.           

However, daily exercise requires you to be disciplined. According to a study published on the National Library of Medicine, pubmed.gov, to make daily exercise your long-term habit, you should replace all of your unhealthy behavior. You should set specific times to do your exercise regularly. Ideally exercising 3 times per week will help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and help you to get the body goals that you always dream of. Three times a week is the minimum amount of exercise that you need because if you do it below that number, it won’t give you any impact.

Consistency is the most important thing of all. It’s even more important than your workout intensity. Once you set your daily or weekly working out hours, you should keep your schedule on track. Don’t let yourself skip it even for a day. Unless you’re feeling sick or something major happens in your life. Obviously!

Pick the most enjoyable exercise that you can do for hours. There are various exercises for you to try, swimming, running, weightlifting, yoga, calisthenics, and many more. You can combine some exercise with one and another, or you can simply pick your most favorite one and having fun with it. If those activities still sound too much for you at the moment, you can always choose an easy and yet so cheap activity, WALKING!

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