There are so many benefits you can get from doing a daily routine exercise. Based on, exercise can help you to get a happier and obviously healthier life. It doesn’t only help you to maintain your body weight, but also helps you to prevent some serious diseases, like stroke, diabetes, anxiety, and many types of cancer.

But, we all know, sometimes your exercise seems like doesn’t work anymore. The good news is we probably know what’s the reason behind all your feeling a little bit set back.

  1. Your body tired of your workout routines

Your body is the most adaptable thing in the whole world. When you consistently doing cardio, like a quick morning run, or an hour of aerobic per day, your body eventually adapts to those exercises, it stops changing, simply because of “lack challenges”. You can fix it by adding some progressions in your workout, for example, you can switch your daily jog with a quick swim, or do some weight training instead. Just give a “little surprise” for your body once in a while.

  1. Your food intake is just not enough

Well, sometimes people who do work out, always connected to people who want to lose weight and most of them always cut their calorie intake. It’s not totally wrong, but you should know that your body needs food as its fuel to completely working. Make sure you fulfill your body with healthier foods, with carbohydrate complex, protein, fiber, and vitamins, before you do your exercise. Don’t starve yourself, because food is the source of your energy for your daily activity, including your exercise.

  1. Your mind and body probably is in stress

Working out gives a little tension and stress to your body, especially for a first-timer. So take it slowly! You need to give a rest day, at least two days a week, for your body, so it can recharge and heal the tension. You also need to make sure to lower your stress level, it can come from so many windows, from your family drama, wrong choices of food, office work, etc. Just make sure you have a little “me time” every day. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy penthouse or expensive vacation, it’s as simple as doing your favorite thing the most, like listening to music, watching your favorite series, or meditating. When your stress level lowers, your body will respond positively to your workout.



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