The Benefits of Being Vegan

Vegan is not only a type of diet nowadays. It becomes a lifestyle that many people are shifting into. If you’re considering being a full-time vegan this article is definitely for you. But if you’re feeling not ready to give up those juicy steaks yet, you can always try to be a vegan once or twice a week, so you can feel the benefits of being vegan once in a while.

One of the major benefits of being vegan is you’ll eat more fiber, a lower amount of calories, and consume more whole-food, instead of processed foods. These types of foods will help to lower blood sugar and improve internal organs functions. A vegan diet also provides benefits for some specific illnesses, like type 2 diabetes, improving your heart condition, and reducing any complication risks.

Eliminating meat in your daily intake will also give your body a lot of benefits. Processed meats or meats cooked at high temperatures are thought to promote certain types of cancers, like prostate, breast, stomach, and colorectal cancers. Aside from those major illnesses, being vegan also simply helps to boost your metabolism and makes your body feel lighter. It also helps to make your skin more glowing than ever.

We know it’s not easy to give up something that used to be a big part of you in this case, we’re still talking about meats and animal products. You can always try to be a vegan once or twice a week, by eating plant-based foods only. Try to mix vegetables and fruits for your meal, and switch your regular milk into oat or soy milk once in a while.

You can also learn about food compositions so, your nutrition intake is still balanced and enjoyable. You don’t have to eat raw salad all day, try to bake the vegetable with some garlic and seasoning to give it a taste. Treat yourself to a vegan cookbook, or you can always hit your favorite restaurant to get an easy go-to vegan meal for a day. In this case, we recommend you to come to Clean Canteen Jakarta and try our plant-based menus.

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