Why We Don’t Believe In Diet

Losing weight is one of the challenges that people in this world facing. People always hope for an easy way and lightning-fast result to get their goals, but let’s talk honestly here, there’s no such thing as an easy shortcut for an outstanding transformation. Deep down in your mind, you know it better.

The diet industry is also full of myths. Most people choked on hoaxes or misinformation about a healthy lifestyle. Most diets force you to eat specific foods or being horribly strict on calorie intake. Some people strictly avoid any carbs, because they believe carbs will cause them obesity. Some of them cut particular fruit in their menu because it’s too sugary. It’s a freaking fruit, come on you guys!

This is why we don’t believe in diet. All of these “new diet methods” are just full of craps and b.s.

You don’t have to avoid any particular foods when you’re on diet. You also don’t need to spend your time 7 days a week, 5 hours per day at the gym just to burn all those fats on your belly. It won’t work that way! All you have to do is changing your mindset about food. You have to make an amend with yourself and make a peace on the way you see food daily.

According to Eric Edmeades on Mindvalley Talkshow, food has 80% to 90% role to get people in shape. Yes, food matters! Not your hardcore weightlifting training, but something you put on your plate that matters the most to maintain your health and also your physical appearance.

Diet also makes people stress. People always starve themselves, and starvation relates to high levels of stress. A neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, Tracy Bale mentioned stress makes our body release cortisol, which always makes us craves sugar. It potentially increases appetite and weight gain. Well, tell us the truth here, you always eat double or maybe triple time amount of your regular intake whenever you starve yourself, don’t you? You always have this unreleased desire for chocolate cakes, which you eventually get for yourself whenever you no longer can control your starvation and stress. We know, it happened!

We don’t tell you to change your eating habit in a moment. It’s going to take time until you realize what you really want. But you can always choose the better options, for example, you can choose a bowl of acai smoothie, instead of having regular white bread and chocolate spreads for breakfast. You can choose plant-based chocolate cookies, instead of manufactured chocolate bars in the market. You can buy olive oil or coconut oil, instead of regular palm oil.

You should open your eyes and find better options out there. Your body needs all of the benefits from carbs, protein, vegetables, and fruits. So stop victimizing any specific foods, because they are all harmless and your body needs them. Choose fresh organic vegetables and fruits, hormone-free meats, and a better option of carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar up.

Change your habits! Take your steps, not only because it will help you to lose your weight, but also because exercise gives a bunch of benefits for your body. It improves your heart and lungs function, reduces stress, and improves your mental health.

Last but also definitely not least, keep your happy state of mind. Based on the National Institutes of Health journal, happy people always have a more active life and choose healthier foods, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Every little habit counts to keep your happiness, try to sleep 8-7 hours per day, exercise 3 to 4 times a week or you can also try meditation to reduce your tension and calm your nerves.

From now on, please always remind yourself, to choose the better options from any possibilities. Choose the better foods, choose a healthier lifestyle and stop starve or harm yourself with non-sense diet methods. Your body knows it when you treat it in the right way.

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