4 Ramadan Healthy Eating Iftar Tips

When the sun goes down, it’s the time for Muslims from all around the world to break theirs fast after a whole day. In Indonesia, this moment becomes so special. Not only because we all get a chance to eat and gather with our loved ones, but also because of the lavish menu on the table.

Having a balanced iftar is important. Because the food that we consume around this time helps to refuel our bodies. But it can be a little bit challenging, especially if you’re trying to maintain good eating habits.

We’re familiar with the tagline “berbukalah dengan yang manis”, or break your fast with something sweet. But sometimes we interpret this line literally. It’s easier to find sweet desserts on the table during Ramadan, such as kolak pisang, es campur, and many more. it’s not wrong to consume these foods, as long as you consume them moderately.

So, how to keep your healthy eating habits during iftar? Let’s check this out!

Hydrate Yourself

The first thing you should do when breaking your fast is drink water. Water is an essential compound for your body. The taste might be a little bit boring for you, but water can help to prevent you from overeating. Drink 2 glasses of water to keep your fluid balanced and prevent dehydration after a whole day of fasting. We suggest you skip sugary beverages, like soda or bottled juice. If you really want to drink something sweet, make yourself a less sugar homemade juice.

Eat Dates

Dates are the reason why we suggest you skip sugary beverages during iftar. Dates contain natural sugar and are rich in nutrients. The sweetness of dates can replace your need for sugary food or beverage. A 100-gram serving, or a handful of dates per day is the optimal intake for people who do not have diabetes.

Balanced Main Menu

After that, or maybe after your prayer, you want to start with your main meal. Make sure you have carbs, protein, and fiber on your plate. These compounds are great macronutrients for your body. They refuel, regenerate your cells, and make you feel full and satisfied after eating. It’s great to avoid you from craving something sweet.

The Lovely Meal

Now, after the whole menu, our body usually doesn’t need an additional meal. But our emotions and mood maybe need to be satisfied with something sweet, that we can call “the lovely meal”. Yep, lovely meal not a cheat meal. Let’s not demonize the food, shall we?

You can always eat something sweet, like your favorite bubur kacang ijo during iftar. But we suggest you consume it at last as dessert. After the whole food, you probably only need a less amount of lovely food to satisfy your mood and emotion. So, go ahead, you can eat your favorite kolak pisang but always remember to keep it moderate. You can also try to cook it yourself, so you know to use less sugar for your favorite lovely meal.

We hope you have an amazing fasting season this Ramadan time!

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