Carbs is the main source of nutrient that is needed from our body to do daily activity. It’s glucose for energy, increase digestive health, and helps maintain muscle mass. However these benefits can only be obtained if we choose wisely of our carbs consumption.

There’s two types of carbohydrate. The simple carbs have higher sugar and easy to process which can cause spikes in blood-glucose and produces short-term energy. The complex carbs is high in fiber, nutrition, vitamins, mineral, and longer to process which can improves bowel regularity and control cholesterol.

Because of the benefit from the complex carbohydrate that we mentioned above, we’ve gathered 5 types of tasty complex carbs that you can consume in your daily menu to improve your health.

  1. Oats

Oats is one of the healthiest choices of carbs especially for breakfast menu, oats can helps you lower your cholesterol blood and controlling your blood sugar. A cup of oatmeal provide you 27gr of carbs, 11gr of protein, and 4gr of fiber. So do you have any idea yet for your tomorrow breakfast menu of oats?

  1. Corn

Behind its various uses, corn also offers a variety benefits for our body like vitamin A, B, C, and E, callium, magnesium, and almost FAT FREE. Every 100 grams of corn contains 25gr of carbs and 3,36 protein. P.s popcorn that sell in movie theater contains lots of fats, so let’s choose our corn menu wisely shall we?

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is very famous in vegan lovers menu. Its rich in fiber, protein, vitamin B, and mineral. A cup of quinoa contains 39,41gr of carbs, 8,14gr of protein and only 1,61gr of sugar. Quinoa is suitable as our diet menu and our energy booster.

  1. Banana

Banana is one the most popular fruits for its many benefits and uses. It’s high in potassium which can lower blood pressure and heart health. Bananas also provide you with vitamin C, B6, fiber and magnesium. 1pcs or 100gr of banana contains 1,1gr protein, 22,8gr of carbs, 12,2 of sugar. Who loves banana here?

A complex carbs is good for you especially who wants to lose weight or simply improves your health, however eating carbs in wise quantities is important too so you can feel the health benefits and get an optimal energy supply. So take our carbs mindfully, shall we?




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