Juicing has been one of the famous dietary practices wide world. Many people use this method to detox or add more nutrients to their bodies. Even though there’s a bit contrary in juicing practice, some people claim juice is easier to absorb our body, while others say it reduces some nutrients like fiber. But still, who doesn’t love a glass of fresh juice after a long day, right?

Despite all of the pros and cons of juicing, do you know when is the best time to drink your juice? If you haven’t had a clue, we sum up some information for you.

  1. First Thing in The Morning

If you’re not a big fan of caffeine, juice can a nice booster to start your day. Try to consume a glass of juice, vegetable juice, fruits juice or you can get creative by mixing both of them. In the morning, your stomach is empty, so it’s the best time to drink the juice of the day. It will help your body absorb all of the benefits of your juice.

2. Before Workout

Don’t ever hit the gym with an empty stomach, because you need a lot of energy to perform in cardio or weightlifting session. A couple of hours before you hit the gym is the best time to drink your juice because, in a glass of juice, you’ll get quite complex nutrients, including carbohydrates. Those nutrients will help you to slay your workout, and if you’re planning on gaining muscles you can always add your protein powder to your juices. It will give you energy, without leaving you starving until the end of a session.

3. Post Workout

Workout is one of the most draining activities for our body. After a session of working out, you need to refuel your body, especially your glucose levels. And this is the best time for you to drink your juice. It’s not only refreshing but also can fulfill your nutrient needs before you can sit and have a proper meal.

 We also recommend you to drink fresh juice immediately after it’s being processed, because the vitamins and nutrients in a glass of juice can reduce immediately within a couple of minutes. We also suggest you use less sugar, or not use any block of it at all to manage your daily sugar consumption.


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