Cardio or Weight Lifting: Which one has the ultimate result?

Cardio or Weight Lifting

When it comes to healthy lifestyle, Exercise is one of the important thing to do beside Diet for its many benefits that we can get to our body. Cardio and Weightlifting is a common exercise to do when poeple want an optimal result for their body to simply get healthy or losing weight, yet many people still wonder which one is better between Cardio or Weightlifting? Let’s elaborate about these two type of exercise and how it affect to our body.

According to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Cardio is one of the Aerobic Exercise Category which requires you to do movement continuosly over and over again. This type of exercies could improves your heart health and make you lose weight depends on the intensity, duration, and which part of body you’re mostly use. The example of exercise that is in cardio category is Jogging, swimming, cycling, zumba, and dance-workout.

While weightlifting is an Anaerobic exercise category that involves more intense physical activity yet being done in a relative short amount of time. This type of exercise use the energy from the muscle instead the oxygen that we breathe in. Weightlifting could help us to improves our metabolism system and build up our muscle depends on the intensity towards the weight and parts of our body that we use.

If losing weight is what you want, you may want to lose some calories by doing a cardio exercise. The higher of intensity and duration that you do while doing a cardio, then the more calories you will burn. The rough calculation will pretty much seems like this, if you weigh around 160 pounds and go for a 30-minute jog at a moderate pace, you will burn around 250 calories.

However, if you wish to build up you muscle mass, you may want to do weightlifting as you best option. BUT not only for its muscle mass gain, you will also losing weight from weightlifting. Due to Penn State research, weightlifting can burn fat 3 times kg more that an aerobic exercise.

It doesn’t always mean you should do cardio in order to lose weight nor you should do weightlifting to build the muscle mass. Because both way can improve your health and lose weight with their own pace and different way. THE BEST way for you to do is to combine these two exercise as your regular activity.

Based on ACMS advices, combine these two exercise could optimilize your workout routine with duration of 150 minutes per week. What you can do is when you do exercise, you can do cardio first then do weightlifting. Or another option can be done by doing cardio exercise in a day and weightlifting the next day.

To improve yourself is not an instant process, its a life-time journey of commitment. So make sure you do exercise that stressful-free and you are comfortable with. Enjoy every second of your journey to become the best version of yourself, EVERYDAY!


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