Changing Your Unhealthy Eating Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

New year, new resolutions.

Most people add a healthy lifestyle as one of their new resolution at the beginning of the new year. Massive sudden changing might be complex for you to keep up until the end of this year. So, we’ve gathered some tips that you can try to achieve a new healthy lifestyle and live awesome days throughout 2023. Check these tips below!

Drink Infused Water

Consuming the right amount of water is the starter of a healthy lifestyle. But sadly, not a lot of us can fulfill the minimum water consumption each day. Especially when you have daily habits of drinking boba tea, soda, or other sugary beverages.

Try infused water to gain your appetite for drinking water. Based on an article from Prairie View A&M University, there is a number of health benefits of drinking infused water, including appetite control, hydration, blood sugar regulation, and weight management. Besides that, water with a taste of fresh fruit can press your desire towards sugary drinks. You can choose any type of fruit, like lemon, strawberry, lime, mint, or others to create a tasty infused water.

Eat Whole Foods

Snacking chips or cookies might be harmless for you if you only consume them once in a while. But what if you get trapped in binge-snacking just to satisfy your cravings? It can cause you a calorie surplus condition, where end up gaining more weight.

This year try to swift your simple snacks with whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You can try fruit salad, veggie salad, hummus, or protein bar when you crave something sweet. The other benefit of replacing your snacks with whole food, you can avoid unnecessary sugar, preservative, salt, and fat, which are contained in your regular snacks.

Be A Vegan Twice a Week

Shifting into any type of diet at a sudden time might be a drastic change for your body and mental health. So, why don’t you try to do it twice a week?  Try to replace your animal-based protein in your meal. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

We believe consuming plant-based food, like lentils, beans, tempeh, or tofu, won’t be hard to try. Especially when you only do it twice a week. If twice a week is too hard for you, you can always try it once a week in the beginning. The other positive point of being vegan twice a week is you can contribute to reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. What a nice way to save mother earth, isn’t it?

Let’s Exercise!

As simple as 30 minutes of walking each day can change your life for good. Exercise has plenty of health benefits for your body, and also for your mental health. Exercise can give you stronger muscles, and bones, and increase your level of fitness. Try to engage in physical activities a minimum of 3 times a week. You can do whatever you like, swimming, yoga, or simply walking for 30 minutes will push you into a healthy lifestyle.

It’s Time to Cook!

With the advanced technology today, it’s super easy to get yourself an easy lunch. But let’s be honest, the easiest food that you can find in the app probably comes from a junk food restaurant, right?

So, why don’t you try to prepare your meal yourself?

Try to swift your regular deep-fry cooking method into a healthy way, like baking, boiling, steaming, or pan-seared. If cooking is not your main expertise, remember to order your food from a trusted restaurant where that serves you healthy foods, with a healthier way of cooking. Clean Canteen can always be a safe place for you, because we serve your favorite daily foods, with healthier, organic ingredients, and cook them in the healthier ways we mentioned above. We support you to achieve your healthier version in this awesome 2023. Let’s roll together!

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