International Women’s Day; Simple Habits to Lower Risk of Dementia for Women

The world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th every year.  This day often celebrates by highlighting gender equality topics, spreading the word about women’s achievements, raising awareness about discrimination, and many more. But for today, let’s celebrate the upcoming of this important day with women’s health topic.

According to a study from Alzheimer’s Research UK, dementia has become one of the leading causes of death for women since a decade ago. Women are more likely to develop dementia than men. There are still no clear factors of what spectrum leading this disease specifically in women. Some studies mentioned that hormonal changes, blood pressure, and the lack of physical activities could be potential factors.

Other resources mentioned two-thirds of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are coming from women.

What is Dementia?

Quoted from, dementia is an overall decline in cognitive ability, usually impacting short-term memory and cognitive ability. It caused a decline in an organization or decision-making, and disorientation in language and visual-spatial skills. This disease usually comes after age 80, but usually starts to develop when women are age 60.

There are several symptoms of dementia, including experiencing memory loss, poor judgment, confusion, speaking difficulty, wandering and getting lost in familiar neighborhoods, unable to do financial management, asking questions repeatedly, hallucinating, losing balance, and many more. Some experts also mentioned that the symptoms could get worsen over time.

How to Prevent It?

Until this article is written, there was still no medication that can cure Alzheimer’s or any type of Dementia. The medication procedure that is available is only to help to slow it down and make it bearable to live with.

But, ladies!

Don’t scare about it! Because we can still fight it, or at least lower the risk of dementia.

Some personal habits can help you to reduce the risk factor of getting dementia as you grow older. Here are some lifestyles that you need to follow to lower the risk of getting dementia:

  • Being active. A lack of physical activity can increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, which are linked to a higher risk of dementia. People who don’t exercise are also more likely to have problems with memory and thinking. So, It’s important to add exercise to your daily schedule!
  • Eating Healthier and Maintaining Your Weight. Food is the source of energy for everyone to function daily. You need to pick healthier food so that you can avoid obesity or any other disease. As we mentioned above obesity and health diseases are somehow connected to leading dementia disease.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Stop Smoking. Alcohol can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and cancer. It also causes damage to the nervous system in your brain. On the other hand, smoking can make your arteries become narrower. It can cause high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer.

The good news is those points also help to maintain your day-to-day health condition. We believe health is a great investment in life. When you develop good habits when you’re young, you can possibly get great benefits as you grow older. So, women let’s make a swift on your current lifestyle and live a happy healthy life!

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