The Benefits of Coffee and A Lavish Experience of Drinking Coffee

The Benefits of Coffee

Who doesn’t love freshly brewed coffee in the morning? This dark, for some people bitter beverages, is one of the most to get first thing in the morning for most people all around the world.

Coffee is not only loved because of its caffeine which could perk you up in no time. Based on an article from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce inflammation and protect your body against disease.

Drinking one or two cups of coffee a day may help you to prevent heart failure, lower your chance to develop Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, prevent you from getting colon cancer, to reduce the risks of stroke.

But indeed, you need to consume it in moderate amounts. Because like it or not, caffeine substance in the coffee can cause you some trouble, from increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, anxiety, and trouble for you falling asleep. The normal amount of drinking coffee is between three to five cups per day, according to Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Drinking coffee no longer only belongs to old people. The young generation starts to enjoy it and make it their daily lifestyle. When the smell of coffee roams up in the air your morning will start perfectly balanced. But why do you have to get your regular morning coffee, while you can get the awesome one with us?

Yes, in Clean Canteen we make your coffee special because you can print your favorite picture on your coffee. From your favorite pet at home, your KPOP bias, to your loved ones, we can print them beautifully to accompany your me time in Clean Canteen. If you’re not a coffee person, worry no more! Because you can also print your favorite picture on the chocolate drink.

Get your insta-perfect coffee with us today!

Come to Clean Canteen, Mall Pacific Place Jakarta, level 4.

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