The Benefits of Traveling for Your Health

Stop envying your friends by traveling out more than you and start to do it yourself!

Because ladies and gentlemen, travel is not only good for improving your mood, but also a great way to improve your health.

Yes! You read it correctly!

Travel indeed may help in improving your health. Based on journals in 2019 by Psychology & Health, people who took more vacation days had fewer metabolic syndrome incidences or any other symptoms.

But one of the most obvious reasons why you should take your paid leave as soon as possible is the benefits of stress reduction which will you achieve in your vacation days. Traveling pushes you to step outside your daily routine and makes you experience things, like nature, culture, and surroundings. These experiences help to reset your body and mind. It sends a great happiness signal to your brain. The great news is, based on a study in 2018, these happy thoughts would last at least five weeks after the trip. It will definitely productivity after a short happy long weekend away from work.

Traveling, especially if you’re an adventurous one, also helps you to get in shape. A couple of days hiking in the mountain may push you to walk more than your usual work days, where you usually sit and stare at your computer. Other activities on your vacation days, like paddle boarding, swimming, or simply walking from your hotel to your favorite restaurant can help to boost your level of fitness, and slightly help you to get your dream body. As long as you remember not to dig into 3 scoops of gelato in your first sit at a café.

According to Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, traveling may also boost your creativity. It simply causes by the interaction which will you get when you travel to a new place. you’ll get a chance to meet new people, and interacts with new culture and point of view. Those things will shape your mind, broaden your point of view and make you think other than usual. This may shape your perspective and level of creativity in a whole new good direction.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take your leave days, enjoy yourself in nature, and come back stronger with beautifully tan skin after a short vacation to work!

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