What’s the most important: DIET or EXERCISE?

Have you heard some fun facts of 80/20 in weight loss term? Some people in the diet industry said, your food held 80% of the success of your weight loss, and exercise just gives another 20% of it. The pro and cons about choosing a healthy diet or “do exercise” more, sometimes a little bit confusing for someone whom at the beginning of their healthy lifestyle or in their weight loss journey. Well, let’s elaborate more about it.

According to healthline.com to lose weight, your body must burn more calories than you consume. It means your body has to be in calorie deficit mode. It doesn’t have to relate to just eating salad all day, doing a strict bad diet, or any harmful activity. You can achieve calorie deficit by balancing between your diet and your daily activity.

For example, if you want a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories, you could consume healthier, but with lower-calorie foods, and also fewer snacks that contain a lot of sugar or salt. For example, if you’re craving a huge bowl of regular pasta, you can always switch your food into something healthier, like using broccoli pasta as the replacement for regular wheat pasta. If you’re craving a sweet chocolate bar, you can always replace it with vegan chocolate granola. Because sometimes, the craving is just in your head. Your brain and tongue just want to remember the taste of the food. By replacing your ingredients, you still could get the food that you want, but your daily calorie intake is still in the good range for your weight loss.

Daily exercise can also help you to lose weight. For example, strength training can boost your metabolism, and it’s for sure can helps you burn more calories. A low to moderate exercise, like jogging, swimming, or cycling for at least 30 minutes also helps you to burn calories and also helps you to promote a calorie deficit. It means, whichever exercise type you choose, as long as you do it consistently, it can help you to achieve your goal.

You don’t have to stick yourself to 80/20 rules, just make an adjustment that you’re comfortable with for yourself. Balancing between your foods and your exercise makes your weight loss journey more doable and less stressful. Because managing your weight and health is not a short time phase, it’s a long journey. Enjoy your every seconds journey, EVERYDAY!

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