Chef’s Table

Ready or not, Jakarta’s best Chef’s Table has arrived yet!

Clean Canteen Jakarta invites you to immersive culinary moments. We welcome you to join a new way of fine dining experience with organic, fresh vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free meats, and also fresh catch fish every day. We do not only want to give you the best flavor and taste but also want to challenge the status quo of fine dining.

Our Executive Chef, Gede Susila Yadnya, is an extraordinary person. He has worked in outstanding kitchens all around the world. With his spiritual touch in his whole culinary life, he creates magic from scratch that would make your mind blown away.

He worked in outstanding hotels and restaurants. He was the Executive Chef in Potato Head Beach Club Bali, Lilin, an Asian Chef in Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, the Executive Chef in Rania and Water Garden Island Spa Maldives and so many more 5 stars hotels and restaurants all around the world.

Excecutive Chef – Gede Susila Yadnya

He was also a chef team ambassador for Indonesian food promotion for London and France. Practically he has tons of stories to tell, the biggest heart, and the warmest smile that you’ll love to meet.

He’s not only well known as an Asian cuisine chef but also famous for his Westerns food innovation. In Chef’s Table, we invite you to have an amazing dining moment, with our secret menus from 6 p.m to 10 p.m every day. Reserve your Chef’s Table experience with us now!


It is the most important meal of the day!
You can get your Western breakfast classic, completed with fresh and full of flavor ingredients.
It’s super powerful and will keep you rolling through the day!

The Best of Asia

We know a homecooked meal from your Mama or Granny might be the best thing in the world! But here we also offer you home cook style meals. We try really hard to keep up with your Mom’s or Granny’s!

The best of Western

Juicy Burgers, Vegan Burgers, and thick Chicken Wraps are the perfect combinations! Our finger-licking homemade sauce will also make you go bananas!


Who says salads are boring? Our salad choice is super tasty and nutritious. We add some Westerns and Asian touch for you to choose from. They go perfectly together with our homemade sauces. It’s so healthy but tastes so much better!


We’re working hand in hand with the best chocolate supplier in town, POD Chocolate Bali, to serve you our special dessert. We use only the best ingredients and no refined sugar to step up your indulging in sweet treats moment. It’s just like a honeymoon in your mouth! Seriously!


Are you a coff-a-holic?

Or do you need some innovative way of drinking coffee?

We’ve got all of you covered!

From the classic espresso, iced coffee with milk, to bulletproof coffee, we’ve got literally EVERYTHING!!!

We only freshly brewed the best beans to tickle your nostril and boost your mood in the morning.


Bali vibesrefreshing cocktails and nice wines in chill place will be a perfect way to start and end your day. In Clean Canteen we mix fresh pressed juices with our high-end sake and others to create refreshing cocktail for you. Nothing make a better pair than divine cocktails and good friends, right? If you want to drink, why don’t you do it in the best possible way?!